About the brand

Petit Elephant NYC is a boutique children’s brand based in New York. We design fanciful accessories for the stylish and adventurous mini-mes in our lives.  Our mission is to always encourage the imagination and self-expression of a child and our colorful designs are meant to match the spirit of even the tiniest fashionista in an accessible, fun, and stylish way. 

petit elephant bracelets.jpg
Melanie Barrows, Founder of Petite Elephant NYC

About the team

Melanie Barrows is a mom, wife, and founder of Petit Elephant NYC. An avid crafter, she created her first necklace – complete with a robot charm – for her daughter’s sixth birthday and stumbled upon the happy adventure of designing whimsical jewelry for children full-time. She hopes that each piece brings a splash of color and positivity to the little one who styles it. Melanie resides in Manhattan with her husband, Ryan, and her two daughters, Emma and Lily.

Tracy Porges handles everything else for Petit Elephant NYC, including the brand's business, marketing, and e-commerce needs. Accessorizing is her favorite form of storytelling and she finds that it is always the littlest ones that have the best stories to tell. Tracy also lives in Manhattan with her husband, John.